5 Benefits of Marshmallow Root for Natural Hair


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We never really think of marshmallow as one of the items available naturally to help us with hair care. This is because we mainly associate it with products that we eat and drink when we party. However, marshmallow is a plant, otherwise known as Althaea that has a flower, leaves and a root.

Marshmallow root, in particular, has cooling and moisturizing properties that can help people with dry, damaged and brittle hair. It also has mucilage that binds to the proteins to make strands look thicker. Hence, you can be sure that you can make use of marshmallow root to have better and healthy hair.

Soothes and Cleanses the Scalp

If you want to have healthy hair you need to have a cleaner scalp. Marshmallow root is an ideal naturally available ingredient that can allow you to soothe and relieve your scalp. It contains anti-bacterial properties that ensure that you can wash your scalp and clean it as well. It is also advisable to use for treating hair ailments like psoriasis, eczema and dry scalp. Marshmallow root’s mucilage is loaded with proteins and vitamins that provide instant nourishment to your scalp.

Detangles Frizzy Hair

Tired of your tangling hair problems? Marshmallow root is a perfect way to get rid of all the problems related to dry and tangling hair. The mucilage of the marshmallow root is a perfect ingredient for you to get rid of all those annoying tangles and frizzy locks that can further lead to breakage. You can apply the mucilage to the hair and leave it to ensure that you can resolve all the hair tangling problems. You can also create your own detangling spray with it.

Gain Bounce and Volume

Bring your hair to life with marshmallow root that can bring back the shine and volume to your hair. Marshmallow root is loaded with natural nutrients and vitamins that instantly nourish your scalp and hair. It gives a soft and bouncy texture to your hair making it look fuller and bouncy. Hence, you can always bring back the best shine and volume in your hair with a marshmallow root wash.



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Condition and Hydrates the Hair

If you are looking for a natural conditioner for your hair, you can use marshmallow root. It is similar to a plant-derived form of glycerine. Hence, it works like an emollient that softens skin and moisturizes hair naturally. This makes it an effective conditioner that would ensure that you are able to get healthier and shinier hair.

Reduces Split Ends and Hair Breakage

Marshmallow root promotes hair growth naturally because it contains a high content of plant protein and vitamins. Hence, it can be effectively used to reduce split ends and hair breakage. The mucilage and the plant protein present in the root thicken hair strands and work naturally to promote hair growth.




The healing and soothing properties of marshmallow root make it an effective natural ingredient for hair care. It is highly effective for revitalizing hair and scalp and ensures that you can have healthy hair and scalp naturally.