5 Benefits of Marshmallow Root for Natural Hair


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We never really think of marshmallow as one of the items available naturally to help us with hair care. This is because we mainly associate it with products that we eat and drink when we party. However, marshmallow is a plant, otherwise known as Althaea that has a flower, leaves and a root.


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4 Useful Tips on How to Brush Your Hair Properly


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Did you know incorrect brushing can cause widespread damage to your hair and scalp? We all comb and brush our hair on a daily basis and therefore it is critical to know that we do it correctly. If you have a weak, dry and brittle hair incorrect combing and brushing can remove your hair cuticles which weaken it and lead to breakage. Hence, you have to know how you can brush and comb your hair properly to have healthy and shiny hair.


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5 Parsley Hair Benefits that You Must Know


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We’ve often heard of parsley in various food recipes, but did you know that parsley has plenty of benefits for your hair as well. It is certainly the most underrated vegetables of all. This is because we don’t really appreciate the benefits it has to offer and the nutrition and vitamins it packs in its tiny size.