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Say hello to strong, shiny strands with this amazing Ornella Conditioning Shampoo formulated with natural ingredients. In addition to giving your scalp a deep conditioning it also help to detangle your hair, the formula prevents breakage and enhances shine for that glossy look. Plus, it’s made without parabens, artificial colors and toxic chemicals.


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  1. Bella

    I love it how my hair smell after I used this shampoo. Also, the hair feel extra silky, they are properly cleaned, and feel soft after using this shampoo. Recommended, fully. Full marks.

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How often should i shampoo my hair?Back to product
asked by ornellanaturals on 2020-02-10 05:22:20
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  1. Many stylists say we over-shampoo our hair and recommend going days between washes. But how often you shampoo your hair really depends on you and your hair. If you have oily hair, you can shampoo every day or every other day. If you have dry hair, you can wash it a couple times a week and or go even longer between washings.
    ornellanaturals answered on 2020-02-10 05:22:39

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2 years 9 months ago


2 years 9 months ago



Provide your hair with the extra care and conditioning that regular shampoos do not offer. Ornella’s Conditioning Shampoo offers you a blend of 100% natural active ingredients,vitamins and plant-based extracts that condition your hair naturally. It provides a rich lather to improve elasticity with a gentle yet effective cleansing action leaving your hair with more shine, volume and softness.

It contains Marshmallow flower that provides deep conditioning and moisturizing effect on your scalp. Now, say goodbye to frizzy entangled hair. Parsley contains natural minerals and vitamins that add shine to your dry hair. Both Amla and Shikakai offer more volume and softness to the hair in the most natural way.

  • Applying Conditioning Shampoo is no different from applying a regular shampoo.
  • Apply Ornella Conditioning Shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage the scalp and the roots with your fingertips to work into a lather.
  • Lightly work the shampoo from root to tip and rinse thoroughly.

Regular shampoo can contain a staggering amount of chemicals, while the other variety often lends a sudless wash and lackluster finish. Our Paraben-free Nourishing Shampoo contain Amla & Shikakai, so you’ll enjoy a rich lather—without stripping hair of its natural oils. Marshmallow along with Parsely combine with other essential oils for a ultra-nourishing blend your hair will love.

Your Hair Our Care

Beloved by thousands of consumers Ornella shampoo is formulated using a gentle ingredients. Say goodbye to the itching and burning caused by other shampoos.

Say hello to silky shiny hair.

Regain stronger, bouncier and beautiful hair once again.

No more tangled hair, split ends and hair breakage

Keep dandruff and flakes at bay for that itch-free feel

Our Ingredients


Marshmallow flower

The richness of Marshmallow flower of Europe to counter Frizzyness:

The extracts of Marshmallow flower in the shampoo ensures deep conditioning and moisturizing effect on your scalp. It gives no scope for entanglement of hair.



A unique blend of Parsley from Mediterranean Europe:

Parsley helps to add luster to your dry hair. It contains natural minerals, vitamins and Iron that is crucial for healthy hair growth. It nullifies the possibility of any hair damage in your scalp.



With Ayurvedic component of Shikakai for total care:

Shikakai completes the Indian touch by providing nourishment for a soft, smoothy and bouncy hair which will leave a shine in your hair.



Unleashing the Vitamin C from Amla:

The Amla helps absorb iron and other antioxidants to promote thick hair growth and rejuvenate the hair from the dullness.

Up to 72 hrs Silky
Smooth Hair

Discover a specially formulated “Ornella
– Conditioning shampoo” with naturally derived ingredients for enhanced softness & hydration. The best part? It’s made to work for the whole family, so it’s gender-neutral and loved by nearly everyone.